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About Design Canada

Canada’s graphic design heritage is an obscure story that is never told. Until now. Design Canada follows the nations’ transformation through the lens of graphic design, from colonial outpost to vibrant multicultural society. What makes us Canadian? What defines a national identity? Is it an anthem, a flag, a logo, or maybe an icon? Can these elements shape how we define ourselves? Those questions were answered by a group of innovative Canadian designers in the 1960s and 1970s, who used graphic design to unify the nation.

Locomotive's work

To make this project a reality, Locomotive collaborated closely with Design Canada. Our team offered strategies for creating a complimentary online experience up to the high standards of the Design Canada documentary. Integrating the work of great Canadian designers seamlessly into animations, graphic transitions and rich content, we showcased this iconic work to advantage using our own perspective. A screening schedule for the documentary was also made available to facilitate ticket purchases. Design Canada can now effectively add new content, events and screening-related announcements on-the-go, making it the main source of information and audience convergence.


Greg Durrell
Design Canada

“We are extremely happy with the outcome of the website and feedback from the audience is just amazing.”


Animated transitions

Each animated transition presents a design featured in the documentary. Transitions take place when a user loads a page, ensuring the audience is entertained with a design-oriented, playful environment at all times. Geek-insider: JavaScript (Barba.js) and CSS-based animations were used to build and manage these transitions, creating a seamless and continuous experience throughout the website.

Traffic over 6 months


Mobile traffic

The results

Design Canada’s website has become tremendously popular with its audience and picked up numerous prizes, such as Site Of The Month from Awwwards, and Grand Prix awards from both Boomerang and Grafika, among others. Stats show a bounce rate under 20%, which demonstrates the relevance of the user experience offered by the platform.

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