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Citizen-centric web design for cities

Locomotive has developed award-winning web design for cities to communicate with their citizens — and vice versa. Let our expertise guide your government website in creating a dialogue across devices, using proven digital tools and web design to turn your municipality into a modern brand that engages locals and tourists alike.


The challenge

Connecting cities and citizens

The ways citizens communicate have changed; they are more connected than ever via mobile devices, social media and the internet. Residents expect more from their government websites: instant information; a seamless, stylish user experience; and a two-way dialogue. As a city, you build streets and roads — let Locomotive pave new avenues for your services to reach citizens anytime, anywhere.

Having completed over 20 solid government websites over the last five years, our team of 25+ designers, developers, producers and strategists understands the unique challenges of municipalities. Locomotive disrupts the status quo by treating each city like a brand. Forget dull and dated — we use sleek web design, cutting-edge communications tools and expert marketing strategy to streamline content that meets communities’ needs and exceeds their expectations.

Let our expertise guide your government website in creating a dialogue across devices, using disruptive digital tools and responsive design to turn your municipality into a modern brand that engages locals, investors and tourists alike.

The Solution
Citizen-Centric Communication

Citizen-Centric Communication

In the digital age, citizens want to be heard. Their voice is their vote, and municipalities and politicians need to be accessible across devices to address concerns in real-time. Locomotive bridges the gap between governments and residents with cutting-edge solutions for cities — we call it Citizen-Centric Communication.

As one of the only web design agencies in Canada with expertise in this field, Locomotive has innovated in web design and created new channels of communication like Memo and Citizen space. Additionally, we continually improve the city website experience by streamlining UX and using dynamic, visually driven design.

Over the last decade, Locomotive developed a process to partner with cities and personalize websites to residents’ needs — elevating the effectiveness of communications and empowering citizens with information at their fingertips.

Happier residents and more transparency from the city, means less calls to 311.


get the memo

Memo is a turnkey solution Locomotive developed for government websites to instantly communicate automated short messages to citizens. Whether it’s a boil warning or community event, registered residents receive practical, customizable, reliable updates on their choice of SMS text messages, email or automated phone calls.


Citizen space:
One-stop online services

Locomotive streamlines and simplifies web design for cities and government websites by organizing municipal content (garbage collection, snow removal, online services, alerts, etc.) into the Citizen space. Residents can easily access the information they need with speed, reducing confusion and 3-1-1 calls.

By consolidating online services like memos, surveys, municipal consultation, tax payment, parking management and more in the Citizen space, Locomotive’s web design will declutter your city’s website and improve accessibility for all.


Digital tools to drive
your democracy

We know every municipality’s needs are different. That’s why Locomotive uses responsive web design and a customizable toolbox that can be tailored to each town’s requirements and streamline the experience of each user.

Interactive map

This dynamic tool allows government websites to present and classify attractions, services, parks and playgrounds, infrastructure, disposal sites, districts and more to locals, investors and tourists alike

Smart search

Citizens can connect with the information in seconds via a city-specific search interface that covers addresses, keywords, categories, records and more.

Content management

City communications departments can easily manage content using our two top-tier technologies — Charcoal and Wordpress. These digital solutions can be accessed across devices by staff, and completely format and organize all of a municipality’s content.

Events calendar

Our calendar system employs clever web design and a user-friendly interface that allows citizens and visitors to easily stay updated on upcoming events, activities, news and releases.

Forms and surveys

Citizens can send their concerns, comments and feedback to municipalities and politicians via digital forms, and cities can collect opinions simply through streamlined surveys.


Web design

Content is king (or, mayor)

Citizen’s expectations are higher than ever; they demand cities behave like their favourite brand: accountable, authentic and aesthetically pleasing. Modernizing your municipality takes more than web design, though. In today’s digital world, content is king — or, mayor.

Locomotive partners with municipalities on content creation and strategy to craft messages that match your mandate. Often, we partner with local photographers to produce imagery that is authentic to the area and superior to stock photography.

This picture-perfect content paired with a modern web design will ignite the imagination of tourists and inspire pride in citizens, too.

Here are some fine examples of custom websites created by Locomotive for Canadian cities, towns and municipalities.

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