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Play hard

Play hard



The work is as important as the pleasure we get from doing it. Such an authentic corporate culture isn’t imposed, and can’t just be invented. It appears spontaneously when people who love creating, learning and growing get together, forming a team with ties that transcend the workplace.

The Partners

Locomotive was born of the partnership of three individuals with different backgrounds. They form a versatile and complementary team that injects passion and know-how into everything the agency takes on.

What we have, and what the entire industry secretly envies, is the complementary nature of our three founding partners. Better known as The Triforce, this vision melds business, creative and technological intelligence. It’s the rule of three. It’s our strength.

Frédéric Marchand
Creative Force
Jean-François Chaîné
Operational Force
Mathieu Ducharme
Technical Force

The triforce

Antoine Boulanger Front-end Developer
Benjamin Roch Lead Developer
Charles Dumas Business Development
Chauncey McAskill Back-end Developer
Daniel Savouyaud Operations Manager
Deven Caron Front-end Developer
Dominic Lord Back-end Developer
Dust Leblanc Creative Director
Frédéric Marchand President + Creative Director
Geneviève Levert Producer
Jean-François Chaîné Vice-President + Business Strategy
Jérémy Minié Front-end Developer
Joel Alphonso Back-end Developer
Louis Paquet Creative Director
Louise Philipovitch Producer
Marie-Christine Dion Designer
Mathieu Ducharme Partner + Technical Director
Maxime Moulin Producer
Nathalie Poitras Accountant
Pier-Luc Cossette Front-End Developer & Designer
Quentin Hocdé Front-end Developer
Romain Vigneron Design Intership
Xavier Aymond Back-end Developer
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