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About SOS Violence Conjugale

SOS Violence Conjugale has been serving victims of domestic violence and all those affected by this problem since 1987. The organization welcomes, assesses, informs, educates and supports victims free of charge and anonymously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With its new campaign, the organization wanted to create an interactive experience that educates young people about a more insidious form of domestic violence, hidden in text message communications.

Locomotive's work

Locomotive worked hand in hand with the client to create an experience that could appeal to and captivate an audience that was apparently difficult. Through an exemplary collaboration, the team managed to imagine a concept that places the user at the heart of the experience of violence by text message. Through four scenarios, we must choose responses to the sly messages of a false partner, in a realistic discussion which comes directly to confront us, with no possible outcome.


The concept

Creating live conversations

The platform simulates SMS conversations and response options. Users of the platform can thus see how situations of subtle violence gradually settle.

Is it violent?

Inform on cyber violence

At the end of the conversation, participants are asked to say whether the conversation was violent or not. The site then explains why the conversation was violent and suggests behaviors to adopt in similar cases.

Jocelyne Jolin, Managing Director, SOS Violence Conjugale

“This campaign will go a long way and the general interest is already immense.”

Average duration of a visit

3 min

Campaign outreach

The results

The campaign obtained immense media coverage through several mediums (influencers, media, etc.). SOS Violence Conjugale has also received several testimonies and requests for help following this initiative. In addition, several countries living with similar problems have taken an interest in developing this campaign in their own language and several international prizes have also been awarded to this digital initiative.

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