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Carlton Villa

Real Estate
Barbados, Caribbean

turning dreams of beachfront living in Barbados into a reality.

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This digital destination immerses users in captivating storytelling and stunning CGI visuals, provided by iCreate, which combine to evoke a palpable sense of luxury and aspiration. An easy-to-use interface connects you with the realtor, fusing technology and storytelling to explore Barbados' beachfront luxury living, making a lasting impact on visitors.
Mobile layout
Desktop motion layout
Desktop Title Layout
Desktop motion layout


  • Creative Director
    Frédéric Marchand
  • Art Director
    Isabel Moranta
  • Motion Designer
    Catherine Camiré
  • Front-end Developer
    Lucas Vallenet
  • Back-end Developer
    Xavier Aymond
  • Project Manager
    Karine Legault Mallette
  • Account Director
    Frédéric Marchand
  • Video and 3D

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