Swimming Canada


A brand new experience for swimming.ca

Swimming Canada commissioned Locomotive with the complete redesign of its web portal. The user experience had to be revisited and the interface redesigned to encourage user engagement and make the platform accessible for all connected devices.

A real tour
de force from
the dev team.

Mathieu Ducharme

Technical Director

A browsing experience worthy of the organisation

The design and user-experience were rethought beginning with mobiles and then adapted to all other devices; tablets, laptops and desktops. The tool became digital support aimed at promoting communications and events. With its instant results, it offers users a continuous flow of relevant information on the sporting lifestyle related to the discipline.

A high-level technology overhaul

This project was a major technological challenge as the objective was to link interconnected elements such as events, results, rankings and athletes. In addition, data streams of global results and rankings from external applications were to be integrated within the platform and exist at the same level as national results.

ProjectSwimming Canada
ClientSwimming Canada
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