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Moment Zero
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About Moment Zero

Locomotive releases its first internal Pilot® R&D project, Moment Zero, an immersive experience inside worldwide seismic activity using USGS open data, VR technology and WebGL. Choosing to put its creative talent and expertise at the epicentre of company culture, Locomotive established a program called Pilot® aimed at empowering all team members to express their creativity and curiosity through internal R&D projects that they can manage on their own. Moment Zero is the result of this very first venture.

Locomotive's work

The Earth is approximately 4.54 billion years old. It has been enduring tectonic movement and earthquakes for ages. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has been recording all seismic activity across the globe since 1970 and Moment Zero is an immersive experience into this data. The data was extracted from the USGS web-based earthquake catalogue by using their API, and a simple framework-only Charcoal implementation runs behind the scenes to feed the custom dataset to the user interface. Navigation using VR technology meant developing web-based 3D skills in order to deliver a fully immersive experience. Going out of our comfort zone also taught us a great deal.


Frédéric Marchand
President, CCO

“A fully internal-driven project that has allowed the team to gain new knowledge and explore virtual reality in a compelling experiment.”


A Multi-device experience

Moment Zero was initially meant to be used with VR glasses, but it also needed to live on other devices, for those who didn't have the required equipment. The 360° approach helped Locomotive push the experience across all devices.

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The results

Moment Zero earned a lot of interest within the design community and across tech networks. The project’s online virtual reality experience won Locomotive many awards, both locally and internationally, bringing us much exposure and additional attention for this project.

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