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Do things that matter

KBS Canada is a national affiliate of a group of advertising agencies based in Montreal, Toronto, New York and many other cities around the world. It is also an exclusive partner of Locomotive since they occupy the same office spaces in Montreal. KBS strongly believes that when you do things that matter, everyone succeeds - the customers, the agency, and the cities and communities in which they operate.

A bilingual website for the Canadian subsidiary

Based on KBS’s newly developed brand identity for the group, Locomotive offers a bold digital adaptation of the brand, with both modern navigation experience and high flexibility of its content.

Indeed, the new website is built on Charcoal, an open-source framework and CMS, which allows it to prestent each entity in both official languages, French and English. The Content Management System also gives full control over the platform and its content, as well as offering editing tools specifically tailored for each project’s specific needs.

Content centered on the human and the creative

The platform offers case studies specific to each office, Montreal and Toronto, but the agency’s mission and values remain united throughout the group. Culture, humanity and creativity are brought forward to convince the industry’s best talent to join the KBS team and do great things.

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