A campaign for women’s sexual health

Beginning with the fact that an AIDS infection can threaten all women at some point in their lives, the Coalition des organismes Québécois de lutte contre le sida (COCQ –SIDA) wanted to offer tools and factual information to help each woman find her own sexual health strategy. Essential notions such as pleasure, relationships and self-esteem consolidated the usual information on prevention.

An original approach
for a diversified target

How to reach out widely to the women of Quebec, in all their diversity, and go beyond the subconscious image that sexual protection equals fear? By illustrating this diversity through several profiles, to which each could identify, and by contravening the usual esthetic codes.

See what she’s got in her bag

Animated banners inspired by the esthetic universe of fashion, while using intriguing copy, toyed with curiosity of our targets, enticing them into consulting the campaign’s website. Four different women’s profiles were shared this way on sites with predominantly female audiences. Posters and numerous print tools were also rolled out for COQC-SIDA people on the ground.

Who says prevention
must play on fear
to be effective?

Daniel Savouyaud


Rich content and playful navigation

The website revolves around two complementary parts: the campaign and the informational content. In the first part we discover the strategies used by different women by exploring the contents of their handbags, each object within being associated to a short awareness message. The second part offers a rich and complementary source of information to go deeper into each question raised by the campaign.

ProjectIn My Bag
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