Carbon Beauty


Revolutionizing the high-end online boutique

Locomotive pushed the envelope of the online shopping experience with the redesign of an online shop for Carbon Beauty, a distributor of high-quality body care products based in Boston, in the United States.

Counting on the image to sell a product

The visual direction created by Locomotive enhances the brand’s visual identity and highlights each of its products using a magazine-style grid supported by rhythmic and fluid animation.

The addition of new features, such as the ability to create campaigns based on a specific theme or time period, gives the administrator the opportunity to enliven the site by promoting specific collections or products throughout the year.

Enhancing the user’s search

The search tool is refined, results are ordered by category and products are at the forefront. Personalized integration with Shopify thus gives search results from the product database as well as giving access to related editorial content throughout the platform.

A popular industry launch

Carbon Beauty’s online shop redesign made a big splash in social media and on specialised design industry sites. As a result, this project earned many international prizes and awards, most notably with Awwwards and CSS Design Awards.

ProjectCarbon Beauty
ClientCarbon Beauty
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