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This is hot, Vol. 2

Once in awhile, some Locomotive creatives join forces to share some fine websites they’ve come across, for a myriad of reasons, from design to dev and just overall coolness and flavour! Here’s a round of selects for your digital pleasure.

The Ball Metaverse Index

MC: The ultra-tech vibe is super interesting. When we arrive on the website, the tone is instantly set by the pearly shape that moves in contrast to the monospace typography. The rigid grid, the way the UI is reduced to a minimum (just 3 menu points; one to close it), and the small details on the buttons...

Bastien: I particularly like the design’s minimalism, which puts forth a strong identity. Like MC, I must say that the tech aspect that the typography brings helps immerse us into the universe. Right away, we sense the vibe of Lundqvist & Dallyn’s work, which strongly rests on its particularly well-crafted (and sometimes futuristic) typography.

Sometimes Always

MC: This super-vintage look is very cool, almost like an old catalog. Certainly, through the photo direction, and also in the rounded corners of the photos, UI elements, the choice of an omnipresent yellow in the background, and the overall colour palette. The products are super well-showcased through a simple grid, adding to the vintage look. The simple, well thought-out purchase experience (having the option to “add to basket” present at all times); the product information sheets, and product suggestions offered at purchase, are all well-structured and simply presented.

Bastien: As a fan of all things related to “old’ typography posters, I have a real crush on this one. It’s remarkable to see an e-shop presenting this type of feeling and ambiance, which feels like browsing through an old paper catalog from the ’60 or ’70s. Another important element is the attention paid to photos. And would you just look at that colour palette! All this, while offering a perfectly clear e-commerce experience.

Benjamin Righetti

Bastien: At Locomotive, we love sites with long scrolls, typography, and nice grids, so it’s only logical that the work of Gilles Tossoukpé and Michael Garcia caught our attention. The scroll’s animations and interactive sections, and the playing with sound.

Frédéric: A design that relies on typography and a simple navigation based on playful micro-interactions offers a balanced and light experience. Benjamin Righetti’s site radiates class and demonstrates a mastery of typography, which we really appreciate at Locomotive. I particularly connected to the interlude which offers us a musical composition game controlled by a simple UI made of four black dots... give it a try!

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