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Pet therapy at the office

We strongly believe that our canine friends bring a lot to the company. This is why some employees bring their little hairy companion to work every day. Dogs are always so happy to arrive at the office; possibly because their day's work consists of getting petted by Xavier, sleeping under Deven's desk, or fetching the ball.

A dog in the office also provides a necessary distraction to employees who are usually glued to their computer screen all day long. It's impossible not to smile by looking at them. In addition to smiles, the positive contagious energy they bring with them everywhere in the office is worth its weight in gold.


Nothing like a little break to pet Maya, throw a ball to Avo, startle Ripley or engage in a "staring contest" with Kogi.

Pet therapy has already proven its worth in several major companies, such as Amazon and Google. And the reasons are clear: dogs help employees stay healthy and have good habits, like taking breaks. They also reduce levels of stress, heart rate and blood pressure. They promote teamwork, laughter and friendliness among employees. In addition, a dog-friendly workplace can be a great incentive when it comes to keeping our employees and recruiting new talents.

Finally, in a world increasingly dominated by technology, dogs do not come with a screen, cables or chargers. They do not spend their days on social media. They simply allow you to be exactly what you are: human.

Maya the golden

Maya is an golden female that has been part of our team since the arrival of its owner Louis back in 2018. She is playful at times and loves to get her daily hugs.

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