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The main object of solace when the morning has been tough or the weather is moody. It's a small piece of happiness that we hold tight and which warms our minds and hearts. The recipe is quite simple and savoury. It fits all our needs and regimes, the burrito is the friend you have missed until now.

It was not always an easy thing between us. Our main provider has been shut down for weeks without giving any news. We spent days seeking an alternative up and down Saint Laurent Boulevard, but in vain...

Then April came about, and our favorite restaurant popped up! Oh, what a day it was ... some even say it was the best day of 2019. Our precious tortillas filled with meat or vegetables, a creamy guacamole and sour cream with a tear drop of lime on top! They were FINALLY back!

To celebrate this day, we stepped up our relationship. Our best foodies even pushed the challenge up to a 5-day burrito streak. We almost had major indigestion. But it was worth it. 

Badges, achievements, profile pictures, social media shares.. the passion is real.

Conversations around the table are getting more intense and professional : we like to discuss the best recipe, the best way to eat a burrito, how they were made and setting up test protocoles. With all this love we give, you are probably worrying about the team when the lunch comes to an end ?

Please don't. It's nothing but love. Smiles on every faces and a full belly, ready to finish the day the best way we can! So when we heard the rumour that we may go to Mexico for our next trip, our heartbeats go crazy and the dream comes true : savoir the original burrito, the one that heal our wounds, the burrito from Mexico.

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