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Locomotive storms the IGA stadium and wins honors in the Idéa competition

When Locomotive decides to go big, the IGA Stadium seems like a perfect place to meet up with colleagues and watch the A2C's Idéa virtual gala live. Nothing too good for a team that has stood out locally again this year with eight awards in total, including two GOLD awards.

It was on September 24 that the 2020 edition of the Idéa virtual gala was finally held, initially scheduled for spring and postponed until autumn due to the consequences of the Covid. Powered by A2C, Idéa brings together professionals in creative communication in Quebec.

A competition that celebrates the diverse talent of professionals, craftsmen and clients here, across six major disciplines: Advertising Creation, Design, Media, Digital and Technology, Craft / Production as well as Business Results and Strategy.


A big stadium for a small team

Locomotive decided to celebrate in its own way by renting the IGA Stadium for its fire team (yes, you read that right, a stadium for the viewing of the Idéa contest). While respecting the social distancing measures, we were able to reconnect with colleagues and consolidate the spirit of camaraderie.

IGA Stadium

The awards ceremony

In a festive and friendly atmosphere, watching the gala live from the stands gave us the opportunity to fully appreciate an accelerated format for announcing the results. We had a hard time understanding everything (and we had a good laugh) but with consultation between colleagues, we finally came into conclusion that it was not four, not six, but eight prizes that were won by Locomotive, in various categories:


- Pangram Pangram Foundry / editorialnew.com / Digital design
- Locomotive / locomotive.ca / Website or application (UX)


- BINAM / portesfermees.ca / Digital design
- Swab The World / swabtheworld.com / Digital design
- Pangram Pangram / editorialnew.com / Website or app (Feature)


- Home Company / homesociete.ca / Website or application
- BINAM - portefermees.ca / Website or application
- Orkestra / orkestra.ca / Website or application

Keeping the team spirit alive in times of crisis

Maintaining friendships between colleagues and keeping the culture alive in the company remains paramount during a pandemic. It is sometimes difficult to stay creative in order to maintain an agency social life with distance, but you must not abandon your troops and you must constantly innovate. Without necessarily having to rent a stadium, simple actions should be an integral part of organizing the work from home, allowing everyone to express themselves and interact with the group at a given time, as much as possible.

Locomotive celebrating at the stadium

To our colleagues and fellow clients

We would like to congratulate our team of exceptional people who strive every day to make the web creative and intelligent. It’s really fun working with all of you. Then, we would like to thank our customers who have trusted us for almost 14 years. Without you, this whole thing would be impossible. In closing, kudos to the agencies who dared to submit projects. Winner or not, we find you quite sharp. Winner or not, you are exceptional.

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