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Every year, Locomotive escapes for a week to a new dream destination. Far from everyday life, the entire team explores, rests and shares unique moments. In the last couple of years, we’ve been lucky enough to travel to Cuba, Samaná and Jamaica!

To meet the team and relive their stories, visite the explore.locomotive.ca website.

We believe that a week of fun with colleagues can help build stronger bonds and cohesion between team members. This way, we're creating a supportive work environment, with people who are more appreciative and who consider themselves more like friends than mere colleagues.

In the office, this new collective energy optimizes the organization of the team in terms of communication and distribution, establishes and strengthens a constructive dialogue, and ultimately leads to greater well-being for everyone.

Apart from all these benefits for the company, the annual trip is mostly a great opportunity to laugh, play volleyball, sunbathe, dive into the ocean, discover new cultures and new landscapes, and not think about work for a week. When we want to relax, we head for the beach. There, you will certainly find several colleagues in relaxation mode, reading a book, getting tanned or just soaking in the sea under the bright sun. It's heaven on earth.

Employees are free to do what they want during the week - no work, no seminars, no schedule... except for one special day each trip. In Cuba, we had the pleasure of discovering Havana. In Jamaica, we aimed for an adrenaline rush, going down rapids in tubes. In Samana, we took a chartered boat to Los Haitises National Park for a day filled with birds, islands, mangroves, caves and rum.

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