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Are you a soldier or a warrior?

Working and growing in the agency world is quite an adventure. The thing is that in some places you stay a soldier and in others you become a warrior.

Early in your career, you give your all, charging in head first and losing track of your hours. It’s all part of the game. You don’t really try to explain it because that’s the way it is. It’s the time of the soldier - stubborn, super-motivated, and ready to blindly fight all the agency’s battles.

It takes years of experience, which are essential in asserting the legitimacy of the title, and it usually involves benefits including money.

What’s less talked about are the professional and moral responsibilities that come with it. When the agency’s culture allows it, you can pull on your warrior’s outfit and say goodbye to the soldier. By doing so, every effort makes sense from now on. You know battles are coming, that there’s going to be overtime, and that weekends will be busy with work. But you no longer see this as a constraint, because you claim this responsibility as your contribution to the common interest.

This change of perspective is super important. Your whole relationship with the work follows. You don’t just do things for the success of the company anymore, but for the group of humans that make it up, that will all benefit from the victory. It’s all about involvement, and thanks to the warrior’s mindset, an agency like Loco, with its 18 employees, can outshine the largest industry players.

Becoming senior in this trade means accomplishing several things. Game on!

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