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A dream team for Locomotive

Locomotive, the web agency, is proud to announce the team’s expansion following the arrival of four veterans with exceptional profiles, all from Phoenix The Creative Studio.

The four accomplices, who developed a strong bond and synergy at Phoenix, quite naturally looked towards Locomotive when the time came to seek new challenges.

Louis Paquet, the award-winning Creative Director who made the studio’s reputation, Jérémy Minié and Deven Caron, two Creative Developers who demonstrated their talent by giving life to his ideas in the past few months, and Louise Philipovitch, who had recently joined the studio and proved her worth as a web Producer, will all come to strengthen the Locomotive line-up.

“We already knew each other well; we followed each other mutually and have a lot of respect for one another. We share a similar attention to detail and have the same passion for design and the web.” - Louis Paquet, co-Creative Director

For its part, Locomotive, currently having 20 employees, did not long hesitate in extending a welcoming hand to these new colleagues.

“The recruitment and retention of employees is a challenge in our industry. Locomotive has been constantly trying to reinvent itself to maintain its passion and make every person important. The success that we collectively enjoy is a reflection of this effort to be a different and involved employer. When people this talented chose Locomotive, it makes us very proud.” - Jean-François Chainé, Partner and Vice-President

With the arrival of these new teammates, Locomotive, already recognized internationally for the quality of its projects, can now count on an outstanding team.

A promising adventure ahead

No one doubts the next projects will impress. Louis Paquet will officially take up the post of agency co-Creative Director, along with Sébastien Leblanc.

“This is super exciting. Louis is an outstanding designer, and we’ve always mutually admired each other… We are really impatient about sharing our creative visions to see where it takes us. And we already know them, we know they fit with our team.” - Sébastien Leblanc, co-Creative Director

Moreover, Locomotive incidentally announces the whole team will once more be heading to the Caribbean this year. This will help comfort the four newcomers in their choice.

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