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6 keys to Locomotive's work culture

At Locomotive, our philosophy is built on people who love creating, learning and growing together, a small studio of less than 30 talented humans, creative pros in their fields. Our workplace culture of trust and efficiency keeps our employees happy, inspired and with us for a long time. The pandemic made it clear that different people need different things to support their wellbeing. As employers, it’s our job to listen and adapt. We want to be ambassadors of wellbeing at work, so check out these 6 ways we focus on our people and fuel our internal engines.

1. Kindness & flexibility

We try to practice kindness, flexibility, and accommodating people if we can. We want our colleagues to have fulfilling lives outside work and to help our teammates through challenges.


2. Fun & efficient teamwork 

Thanks to employees with us for the long haul, teamwork is the pleasure of working with someone you’ve known a while, admiring their talents and vision, and collaborating in a fun, efficient way.

A little micro-appreciation can go a long way.

3. One-on-one communication

This helps us set goals with every teammate, share feedback, and be flexible to each person’s needs: being a parent, a shorter week, salary, holidays…


4. Micro-appreciations

A little micro-appreciation can go a long way. We reward efforts, applaud delivered projects, and celebrate birthdays and team victories like signing a client or launching a website. 

5. Trust & collaboration

Our structure is very collaborative. When choosing projects, we often share info with the team and get their input. Why? To get colleagues involved and excited from Day 1. 


6. Exploration

We know how to work and play together. Pre-COVID, we'd travel to the Caribbean annually to bond as a team, welcome newcomers, and explore.

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