InterGlobal Exhibits


A complete website and content redesign.

InterGlobal Exhibits, the Denver, Colorado, agency that specializes in designing and manufacturing large-scale, international trade-show exhibits, entrusted Locomotive with redesigning its website, improving the user experience, and enhancing the presentation of its content.

Upgrading their digital
presence to the level of
their accomplishments.

Frédéric Marchand

Creative Director, Locomotive

Rich and effective content

The new website’s objective being the consolidation of sales through the traffic generated online, distilling the content to its essentials, without devaluing it with search engines, was important. And SEO analysis was performed, in close collaboration with the copywriter, to ensure a positive response to performance objectives required by this project. Locomotive wanted to convey a clear message that brought to the forefront the agency’s impressive journey, strewn with multiple design awards and prizes, with a proud and assured tone.

Show your colours

IGE distinguishes itself though the quality of its designs and attention to details. Every exhibit is personalized to the brand but revolves around an important strategic element, its colour. Locomotive thus decided to highlight this attribute by emphasizing it in the presentation of the agency’s imagery and copy. The portfolio being a part of the sales pitch, a great deal of thought went into the visual presentation of each portfolio project and the best way to coherently integrate good copy, key words and the services linked to each project.

An intelligent platform

The use of Charcoal CMS was essential for the client’s complete management of the website and its contents. Search engine optimization is also possible through the CMS, which greatly facilitates the management of a strategy based on performance and the search for online leads.

ProjectInterGlobal Exhibits
ClientIGE Group
Expertise Digital