Imagine a simplified CMS,
designed and thought-out for your project.

Developed primarily by Locomotive, Charcoal is more than a traditional CMS; it is a comprehensive platform for managing a website: modern, modular, configurable, efficient, and secure.

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We’ve all been stuck with a CMS that confined us to a box and limited our options. If you want to offer a unique user-experience, Charcoal provides the canvas on which your vision can be applied, that will adapt to your online store, to your contest, and your showcase…

Adapts to your project’s needs.

Several expandable modules included.

A wide array of attributes and properties per object.

Uses JSON, easy to read and edit.

An efficient control panel.

A project’s administration shouldn’t cause headaches. Charcoal provides a simple and intuitive administration interface. Only the options specific to your project are displayed. Editing the content is user-friendly and requires no technological know-how.

Simple and intuitive design.

Real-time visualization of data.

Sections are 100% configurable.

Responsive and multi-platform.

Charcoal is always with you.

Mobile First

Your web project must perform well on mobiles and tablets. Charcoal is device-agnostic; it’s developed with cross-platform and multi-resolution support in mind.

Easy & Efficient

Your data is also easy to import and export as well as transfer to external sites or platforms. Charcoal also provides API access to data for use in native web services or other mobile applications.