What is important is to come home

I’m passionate about travel. I’m also passionate about my job, my company and all I can do to become a better manager. Travel at Locomotive has always been important. We often took trips when we started out, we business partners, and we quickly realized that discovery and openness really allowed us to let go. And also because for a start-up, free time costs less than big salaries.

The chaos before going

Going, physically leaving the framework of one’s job, that stresses you out. It is an ordeal, but one you can prepare for. You have to do all the follow-ups you can, and write status reports for the entire planet, just to be sure that when you walk out the door you can launch into travel mode with peace of mind. It’s also a great exercise for a manager, accepting that momentary loss of control; the business will carry on without you.

Afterwards, it’s all in your head

At the base of it, I find it hard to get away from my routine, because I like it! I like what I do in life, and I like my job, so I feel an emptiness fairly quickly. Here or elsewhere, an entrepreneur never stops thinking. Allowing yourself to take a step back is an opportunity to return stronger, with fresh ideas and solutions.

Above all, it helps answer the all important question at Locomotive: have we been impeccable lately?

This notion is capital because our relationship as partners has repercussions throughout the company. The moments of solitude offered by long journeys allow for reflection on that. We are certainly less stressed-out entrepreneurs now that in the past, but there is always room for improvement.

This reboot I find so necessary on a personal level, because I believe the unexpected experiences and encounters of travel make us better people, I’m very happy we were able to share internally.