A fragment of our corporate culture

I worked for many agencies since beginning in 2000, and I’ve always had a lot of respect for my bosses, and what they had accomplished professionally. All along the way, I tried to learn from these people and from their way of managing their businesses. In each one, I was able to measure the chemistry between employers and employees and discovered unique DNA.

Starting a business is not an easy task. Starting from nothing, we had to believe. Discussions between the partners were often emotional, and I remember repeating the same things to Jeff, my principal associate, often.

I want us to have fun doing what we do, and whatever happens, that the atmosphere stays cool.

The culture

You can’t pay for a healthy corporate culture; it has to be forged over time. The culture being capital for us, we do more than just talk about it; we try to apply it every day. Whether in our interactions, our activities, our creations, or the time we spend together every day, there’s a real desire to achieve balance between fun and work.

What’s more, if an employer has to constantly ask what he can do for his employees, this relationship should to work both ways. When an employee asks himself, in turn, what he can do for his employer, this is what creates an equitable relationship for all.

The Social Club

As a group, we went to Mexico, to Cuba, to the chalet, the water park, the theme park... It might look unrealistic to some employers, and look like a dream for any employee, but so far it’s been a worthwhile investment. Some in the industry know us for our work, others for this spirit of comradeship, this culture of sharing and exchanging that reverberates with us. That’s lucky for us, because that’s probably what we are most proud of.

Today, I realize that as partners, we succeeded in getting the most out of our experience while learning from our mistakes.

We were able to trust each other and it paid off. It makes me very proud to belong to the team that’s steering Locomotive towards a more than promising future.